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Pico Laser Price - Is It Really Worth

Apr 4

Recently, a lot of ads have been popping up for Pico Laser packages priced at $88. This has prompted many patients to step forward to compare prices and treatments, but they may be missing out on the true value of Pico Laser treatment. Pico Laser machines are usually quite expensive and it would not be cost effective for clinics to sell a Pico laser treatment for just $88. In aesthetics or any service for that matter, pricing and outcome aren’t always directly correlated; the quality of the Pico laser machine, its settings and the skill of the doctor all play a significant role in the effectiveness and results of the treatment.

The Pico Laser Price works by targeting pigmentation on your skin and disintegrating it into microscopic particles that are much easier for your body to clear away naturally over time. This is why Pico laser is an excellent treatment for all types of pigmentation, including sun spots, freckles and acne scars. It is also effective at fading tattoos and can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Another great benefit of Pico laser is that it treats all types of skin and can effectively remove darker pigments, such as blue or green pigmentation, that other tattoo removal treatments can’t. Unlike fractional CO2 laser treatments, which can leave your skin red and blistered for several days as it heals, the Pico Laser does not cause any discomfort. The best part is that you can resume your day-to-day activities immediately after the treatment.

Pico Laser Treatment is Safe for All Skin Types

The non-invasive nature of the procedure means it’s suitable for almost all skin types. However, some darker skin tones, such as Fitzpatrick skin tone VI or VII, may experience a little more discomfort than others. In those cases, a topical numbing cream can be applied for comfort.

During the Pico Laser treatment, you’ll be guided over the targeted area by the handpiece. The device delivers extremely short flashes of light beneath your skin, which most patients describe as feeling like a rubber band snapping on the skin.

Picosecond laser energy has the ability to shatter pigments and tattoo ink into microscopic particles that are easier for your body to eliminate. The procedure is painless and requires no downtime, although some patients may experience a bit of redness or swelling after their treatment.

The best candidates for the Pico Laser are non-smokers who wish to reduce widespread sun damage or remove pigmentation that has been caused by melasma. Typically, it takes 3-5 sessions for most people to notice the desired results of their Pico Laser treatment. After your treatment, be sure to protect your skin from the sun and follow a good skincare routine to prevent new pigmentation or ink from forming. For stubborn tattoos and pigmentation, your physician may recommend combining picosecond laser treatments with Q-switched nanosecond laser treatments for the most optimal results.