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Aquatic Exercises For Chronic Pain Is The Best Way To Treat Your Pain

Nov 6

Pain is the body’s normal reaction to an injury or illness. It’s a warning that something is wrong, and if you take action to fix the problem, your pain should stop. Chronic pain, however, is different and can last weeks, months or even years after the original injury. It can be very difficult to live with constant pain and it can lead to depression or feelings of hopelessness. The good news is that there are ways to reduce your pain through therapy, medications and exercise. One form of low impact exercise is water exercises, also known as hydrotherapy. In fact, it has been found that this type of physical activity may be more effective in relieving back pain than some traditional land-based exercises.

The buoyancy of the water reduces pressure on the spine and other joints, making it easy for people with back pain to move. In addition, the viscosity of water provides mild resistance for muscles that are weak and stiff. This combination of factors allows the spine and other joints to move without putting as much strain on them, which can help relieve back pain and improve strength in the area.

Another benefit of Aquatic Exercises for Chronic Pain is that they can be done in a group, which can make them more fun and social. This can be an important component in improving overall mood and helping to ease the stress that is often associated with chronic pain. Additionally, many studies have found that warm water therapies can provide significant improvements in quality of life and function compared to traditional land-based physical therapy.

Some researchers believe that the benefits of water exercises are due to their ability to promote blood flow. This is important because the movement of blood through the body is necessary for the healing process. As a result, studies have found that aquatic exercises can improve the blood circulation to the affected areas and thus speed up the healing process.

A recent study published in JAMA Network Open compared therapeutic aquatic exercise to physical therapy for patients with chronic low back pain. 113 participants were randomly assigned to either a therapeutic aquatic exercise or physical therapy group. In the physical therapy group, participants received both transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation applied across the skin (TENS) and infrared ray thermal therapy.

The therapeutic aquatic exercise group showed significantly more improvement in lower back pain and functional ability than the physical therapy group. The differences were not influenced by age, sex, body mass index, lower back pain duration or educational level. In addition, most of the participants in the therapeutic aquatic exercise group were willing to recommend this treatment to others with lower back pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, the first thing you should do is consult a physician. They will be able to advise you on the best way to treat your pain and get your quality of life back on track. You should never allow your pain to discourage you from participating in the activities you enjoy. In fact, being active can be a positive sign that you are still able to do the things you love and can prove to yourself that your pain doesn’t define who you are.

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