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What are the most common Chiropractic Adjustment Methods?

Apr 19


Also referred to as spinal manipulation chiropractic adjustments are also known as "spinal manipulation". It's a form of manual therapy that helps to alleviate pressure on the joints and to increase the range of motion. It is utilized for treating back and neck as well as headaches. However, chiropractors may also apply it to minor ailments.

Tacoma Wa chiropractors has the ability to employ more than 100 kinds of spinal manipulation techniques. Certain techniques are gentle while others require the application of controlled, rapid force to a joint of the spinal.


Here are a few of the most common chiropractic adjustments.


1. Diversified Technique

This multipurpose technique has three main objectives to improve spinal alignment, repair joint problems, and enable proper mobility and movement. Practitioners can use precise, hands-on thrusts to fix the misalignment of bones or joints and help restore mobility range. The Diversified Technique is used by 96% of chiropractors on around 70% of their patients.


2. Spinal Manipulation (aka Spinal Mobilization)

Both chiropractors and physical therapists utilize spinal manipulation (also known as manual therapy or spine mobilization) to relieve pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation and enhance the function of the nerve. The practice of spinal mobilization is a manual therapy technique which is similar to diversified. It is a gentler way of executing thrusting movements and more stretching.


3. Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Thompson Drop-Table is an approach which utilizes a table constructed of padded platforms with drop mechanisms. The doctor can lower or drop the patient by just a fraction of an inch, and the physician makes a quick motion to adjust the position. Patients are comfortable when they are dropped gently that is similar to a slight vibration.


4. The Gonstead Adjustment

For restoring normal alignment of the disc and maximize mobility, the Gonstead Adjustment is an alternative. In order to adjust the device, the patient can lie down or stand.

The distinctive feature of the Gonstead adjustment's contact point is that it can be administered even when the patient lies down or sitting up as the chiropractor works on the pelvis or lower back.


5. The Method of Activation Method

Chiropractors often use a small handheld device called"Activator" or "Activator" to give gentle stimulations to their spine's extremities and vertebral segments. This spring-loaded device alters the the nerve system. The device is employed to treat a wide range of ailments, including lower back and headaches.

6. Flexion-Distraction

Flexion-Distraction uses a table to distract the spine and then flex it in a gentle, rhythmic movement. This method addresses disc injuries that result in leg and back pain. The adjustment is non-invasive, easy to do, and is a good choice for patients who have suffered injuries recently or have sensitivity to adjustments of other kinds.


7. Decompression of Spine

It is more of a chiropractic adjustment than it is a technique used by chiropractors. It can effectively treat lower back pain due to degenerated, bulging, or herniated discs. It uses a specially-designed table that gently stretches the spine, thereby promoting healthy circulation of blood throughout the spine.

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